Schatzi - SCHATZI04 EP

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Tracks: a1 - A1 a2 - A2 b1 - B1 b2 - B2 b3 - B3 Schatzi returns with its fourth chapter! As with those that preceded it, this one s a vinyl-only 12- of... indeterminate provenance. Behind every Schatzi ditty is a dash of homespun crate-digging mischief, a dollop of crunchy, swinging drum loops, and a determination to inject into the tropes of today the carefree heart and funky soul that made the dance music of decades past feel so alive. A royal flush of raw, untamed disco that desperately wants off this slab of wax and onto fogged-out dance floors and into strobe-lit basements. Vinyl-only hand-stamped release. Get it before it s gone
Schatzi - SHTZ04
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