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a1 Meanwhile Back At Home a2 Wednesday Night People a3 The Set Up b1 Dont You Want My Love b2 (Logo) c1 Your Sweet Lovin c2 The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Ya Blessin Me) d1 Forevernevermore Forevernevermore was originally released in 2000 and is the second full length on Peacefrog from Kenny Dixon Jnr. Gathering together the best strands of Moodymann s late- 90s tracks on KDJ. Forevernevermore re-interprets these rare and sought after gems twisting and blending them into a new mesmerizing and idiosyncratic stew which offers new insight into these now classic retro-disco funk tracks. Containing unique and stone cold classics such as Dont You Want My Love, Wednesday Night People and The Thief That Stole My Bad Days. Forevenevermore is perhaps Kennys most soulful full length and the sheer emotive nature of these tracks and their relatively down-tempo beats make this album more of a reflective listening experience on par with sentimental albums such as Marvin Gaye s Let s Get It On and Stevie Wonder s Talking Book than traditional house music. Limited stock available. So be quick!
Peacefrog - PF095
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