Felipe Gordon - superimposition

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The producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and label head from Bogota´, Colombia is nothing short of a phenomenon, effortlessly fusing complex sound combinations from Jazz samples to flowing pianos and acid basslines into hugely exciting and unique house records. He delivers his new EP “Superimposition”, released on French label Noire & Blanche in May 2022. An eclectic collection of solid deep house club burners (Ventana Al Tiempo, Inherently Deep), acid breakbeats (Superimposition) and soft afterhours hip-hop downer (Feeling All Over It). Gordon’s ability to blend complex jazz instrumentation with acid-licked basslines, golden-age house aesthetics and the cultural sounds of South America is unrivalled; creating a distinctive and beautiful EP. Tracks: - Mr Umbawa - Feeling All Over It - Superimposition -For Jose and Martha - Inherently Deep - Ventana Al Tiempo
Noire & Blanche - N&B007VNL
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