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a1 Presentiment (feat. Mika Blaster) a2 Something More b1 Wu Impact b2 Influences With The Previous Releases Being Delivered By Tell And Label Boss Nachtbraker. We Are Very Delighted To Welcome Back Parisian Sample Connoisseur S3a For The Third Installment Of The Trophy Quartet. Limited To 500 Copies Sales Information: S3A, a fundamental player in the French house scene and resident at Paris famous Concrete between 2012 and 2016 has been making serious waves with releases on labels such as Gerds 4lux, Local Talk, Hold Youth, Lazare Hoche, Quintessentials, his very own Sampling As An Art records and in 2016 he debuted with his track Antois Benime (Austral Parc) on the second release of Quartet Series. This cut became a major summer hit, played by nearly every house music DJ, including Byron the Aquarius during his wicked set on the Boiler Room stage at Dekmantel in 2017. We decided this greatly deserved a follow up and were proud to finally present Climax EP with S3As signature sound written all over it. Opening on the A side is Presentiment", a collaboration with Mika Blaster. Starting off with majestic strings then suddenly dropping into a massive beat with haunting samples flourishing over the thriving percussion telling you to dance THOU SHALT DANCE!! The second track Something More picks up where Antois Benime left off. A genius mix of uplifting samples and 909 percussion makes this another club ready weapon, bound to leave smiling faces on the dancefloor. When flipping the record youll dive into S3As deepness with Wu Impact". Soft and sweet Rhodes chords, an insanely groovy bass line with percussion and those mellifluous strings again. Finishing off the release is a deep slammer that goes by the name of Influences", again a display of S3As ability to use a wide array of elements within a single tune, molded together to one coherent, lovable and danceable piece.
Quartet Series - QST003
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